Vulnerability on the critical law and order issue is the main obstacle in the way of silver-tongued Matt Moran's quest to become govenor of New Jersey. His campaign team attempts to solve the problem by blaming the infamous 1969 Coed murders on Ted Bundy.

Pursuit of closure and clues connecting Ted Bundy to the 32-year-old cold case are chilling. A love affair involving protagonist Sebastion Kenyon, en ex-journalist, and hotshot political consultant Geena Fallon seasons the story without removing focus from the ghost of the notorious serial killer.

"Murder at Mile Marker 36,
" set mainly along the Jersey shore, including the famed Pine Barrens, and takes the reader to Wyoming, Arizona, Harrisburg, Newark and Alexandria, Virigina. It runs roughly 240 pages.

In addition to Bundy's ghostly presence, major characters include dashing Matt Moran; Matt's wife Maggie, using the family fortune to finance the gubernatorial campaign; Lucious Harvey, a New Jersey State Trooper on leave to help his friend and confidante win the election so he can become the first "real" African-American to lead the state police; Nick Mastricola, old school Atlantic City pol and Moran campaign advisor, and savvy pollster Jack Remington.

Also, Yocontalie Wolf, a sensual Native-American psychiatrist who heard the serial killer's confession years earlier; Melvin "Catfish" Sadler, burned-out black trooper who helps Kenyon connect dots; Sandra Steele, now 42, kid sister of one of the 1969 murder victims; George Butler, greedy former FBI agent who helped pioneer the concept of criminal profiling, and Reyneso "Popo" Vasquez, the mysterious Miami detective who taped details of the killer's horrific confession of the Coed murders.

And, of course, Kenyon and Geena and their black lab retriever "Killer".